My articles focus mainly on nature, the environment, agriculture and horticulture. Below are some of my favourites.

West Nile Virus

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Winter 2021

"Like so many Canadians of my vintage, I can remember a time before West Nile virus became something we would hear about every summer along with tick bites, sunscreen and wildfires. As diseases go, it’s still considered to be a relative newcomer to Canada."

How earthworms are changing our forests

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Summer 2020

"When we think of invasive species, rarely do earthworms come to mind. And yet earthworms are foreign invaders that were first introduced to this country by European settlers hundreds of years ago."

One for the Birds

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: Winter 2019/2020

"Now in its 119th year, the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count – administered in this country by Bird Studies Canada - stands tall as North America’s longest running citizen science program."

British Columbia is in for a Fiery Future

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Winter 2019/2020

"Following back-to-back devastating wildfire seasons in 2017 and 2018, many British Columbians have started to ask an important question: Is this the beginning of a future filled with fire and smoke?"

Permaculture comes of age: Can a growing system with high environmental principles be commercially viable?

Magazine: Small Farm Canada
Issue: September/October 2019

"When contemplating agricultural practices in Canada today, it’s hard not to notice that permaculture, once the black sheep of alternative farming methods, has begun making inroads on small farms in this country after decades of barely registering on farmers’ radars."

Our Forests Are On The Move

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Summer 2019

"When we think of species migrating, our minds conjure up images of birds flying south or herds of elk moving from their winter ranges to the landscapes that will support them throughout the summer months. Rarely, however, do we think of trees relocating from regions where they have lived for hundreds or thousands of years to ones where they have never before been seen."

Ticked Off: The Unexpected Link Between Climate Change and Increased Rates of Lyme Disease

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Spring 2019

"If you live anywhere in Canada these days, there's little doubt you've been exposed to a barrage of media reports about how the ticks that carry Lyme disease are spreading northward through our country with breathtaking speed."

Many Eggs, Many Baskets: What is Being Learned from The Crop-Climate Project

Magazine: Small Farm Canada
Issue: Jan 2019

"With widespread reports that climate change is influencing everything from bird migration routes to wildfire severity, it’s not surprising that Canadian researchers have started taking a hard look at how changing weather patterns will impact our ability to produce viable food crops."

Peonies: A Perennial Favourite

Magazine: BC Living
Issue: Online

"For many British Columbians, peonies conjure up memories of sunny afternoons spent in our grandmother’s gardens. It says a lot that peonies continue to maintain their appeal across multiple generations in an age when gardening fads seem to come and go with the seasons."

Tick Talk

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: Summer 2018

"For Janet Sperling, an entomologist at the University of Alberta, one thing is certain: If you live in the Kootenays, you will get bitten by a tick."

Lyme Disease in Farm Animals

Magazine: Small Farm Canada
Issue: Winter 2018

"While media reports tend to focus almost exclusively on human cases of Lyme disease, it’s important for farmers to understand that the illness can also impact more than 300 species of animals, including some that are commonly found on small farms. This includes: cattle, chickens, dogs, goats, horses, pigs and sheep."

Their Operation Mushroomed! From Growing for Themselves This Couple Developed a Vigorous Home Business

Magazine: Small Farm Canada
Issue: Nov 2018

"The key to success is that all of the components utilized in the early stages ... must be completely sterile in order to avoid contamination, which could spell disaster."

For Bird's Sake: The National Audubon Society's 2018-2019 Christmas Bird Count is North America's Longest Running Citizen Science Project

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Dec 2018

"Each year between December 14 and January 5, participants gather on a date determined by local organizers to count every bird they see and hear within their designated section of the 24-kilometre diametre circle earmarked for local birders to survey."

Wild About Bees

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: Summer 2018

"When Canadians think of bees, it’s typically the much-loved honeybee that springs to mind. And while there’s no question that honeybees play an important role in our culture, they are just one of more than 800 species of bees found in this country, a figure that often takes people by surprise."

The Upside of Wildfires

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: June 2018

"We have a tendency to see forest fires in a negative light when they threaten our property or our safety but, from an ecological perspective, wildfires can be potent forces of renewal and regeneration."

Growing Native

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: Autumn 2017

"When using native plants in gardens, we use ecological principles, which is very different from how most people tend to garden."

The Magic of Mushrooms

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: Autumn 2017

"In recent years, these fabulous fungi have been enjoying an explosion of interest unlike anything that has been seen before. There's no mystery as to why."

Citizen Science

Magazine: Kootenay Living Magazine
Issue: Winter 2017/2018

"The definition of citizen science can be a bit flexible, but generally it refers to community members collecting data that professional scientists can then use in their research."

Farming with Heavy Horses

Magazine: Rare Breeds Canada
Issue: Spring 2014

"With their broad chests, heavy necks, and impressive stamina, these Percherons are built for work."

The Lure of Farming with Horses

Magazine: Small Farm Canada
Issue: November/December 2013

"Haying is in full swing and yet the first thing I notice when I pull into the long dirt lane leading up to Stewart Fawdrey's modest farmhouse is just how peaceful it is."

Grafting Roses

Magazine: Garden Making
Issue: Summer 2011

"There are several reasons to try your hand at grafting a rose -- one is just to be able to say you did it yourself."

My Life with Lyme

Magazine: Harrowsmith Magazine
Issue: August 2010

"What makes Lyme so difficult to diagnose is that its symptoms are highly variable and mimic those of other diseases."

The Notorious Bark Beetle

Magazine: Cottage
Issue: Sept/Oct 2010

"It's hard to live on a rural property in Western Canada these days and not be aware of the mountain pine beetle epidemic that's decimating pine populations throughout British Columbia and parts of Alberta."

Growing Cool Season Crops

Magazine: Kootenay Life East
Issue: Spring 2009

"If there is one question that winter-weary gardeners ask more than any other, it's how soon is too soon to start planting vegetables in the garden?"

Saving Seeds

Magazine: Kootenay Life East
Issue: Fall/Winer 2009

"Saving seeds isn't difficult. It's simply a matter of learning the fundamentals and modifying your gardening habits to ensure that the seeds you harvest this year will result in satisfactory crops next year."

Indispensible Herbs

Magazine: Kootenay Life East
Issue: Summer 2009

"Over the centuries, herbs have been used for everything from perking up food and subduing common ailments to dyeing fabrics, supplying fragrance to potpourris, and, thankfully, freshening breath."

Seeds of Spring

Magazine: Kootenay Life East
Issue: Spring 2008

"If you've never contemplated growing your own plants from seeds, this may just be the year to catch the bug."

Water-wise Gardening

Magazine: Route3
Issue: Summer 2008

"The truth is that xeriscaping has as much to do with how you garden as it does with which plants you choose to grow."

Autumn Treasures

Magazine: Kootenay Life East
Issue: Fall 2008

"Autumn is also an excellent time to plant trees, shrubs, and many perennials. Some would even argue that it's the best time of year for this."

Staying Power

Magazine: Canadian Gardening
Issue: Winter 2007

"It's doubtful there's a gardener in Canada who missed the headlines last year announcing that Israeli scientists had successfully germinated a 2,000-year-old date palm seed."