Title: Forever on the Fringe: Six Studies in the Development of Manitoulin Island
Author: W.R. Wightman
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, 1982
From the Publisher: "The six essays in this volume deal with individual periods when a predominating perception or image of the island's resource potential came to preoccupy the inhabitants and/or others beyond the region. In each essay Professor Wightman describes the particular image, accounts for its rise, describes the new pattern or balance in activity which it created, and assesses its impact on the island's human and physical landscape."
Title: From Homestead to Community: A Women’s History of Western Manitoulin
Author: Paula Mallea
Publisher: Scrivener Press, 2013
From the Publisher: "Using many of the settlers' own words, and complementing the words with vintage photos, this history traces the development of Western Manitoulin from those early homesteading years through to the mid-20th century."
Title: Tehkummah: A History, 1867-1927
Author: Derek Russell
Publisher: Self-published, 2011
From the Publisher: "The book begins with the founding of a small village on the Manitou River, and concludes with its demise. It is a chapter of the Township that covers sixty years, filled with stories of hardship and tragedy, perseverance and achievement."
Title: Michael’s Bay: The Rise and Fall of Manitoulin’s Forgotten Town
Author: Derek Russell
Publisher: Self-published, 2016
From the Publisher: "It's been nearly a century since the village of Michael's Bay vanished off the map, and although not forgotten, very little evidence of its existence remains - even the memories of it have been taken to the grave."
Title: Exploring Manitoulin
Author: Shelley J. Pearen
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, 2001
From the Publisher: "First published in 1992, Exploring Manitoulin is intended for both the island-born "Haweater" (it is believed early pioneers were once saved from starvation by eating the berries of the hawthorn tree) who wants learn more and the visitor who wants to discover the real Manitoulin."
Title: Owen Sound: The Port City
Author: Paul White
Publisher: Natural Heritage Books, 2000
From the Publisher: "The beginning of Owen Sound can be traced to the 1840 historical meeting, in a small forest clearing, between surveyor Charles Rankin and land agent John Telfer. Owen Sound: The Port City begins with the Native Peoples of the area and moves through pioneer settlement to the creation of a city in this more northerly area of central Ontario."
Title: Horse-drawn Days: A Century of Farming with Horses
Author: Jerry Apps
Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2010
From the Publisher: "Horse-Drawn Days: A Century of Farming with Horses captures stories of rural life at a time when a team of horses was a vital part of the farm family. Featuring fascinating historic photos, ads, and posters, plus contemporary color photos of working horses today, Horse-Drawn Days evokes the majesty of these animals and illuminates the horse’s role in our country’s early history and our rural heritage."
Title: Heavy Horses: An Illustrated History of the Draft Horse
Author: Grant MacEwan
Publisher: Fifth House Ltd., 2001
From the Publisher: "Valued for their towering stature, strength, and endurance, the draft horse played an essential role in the building of Canada. They were the main source of power on early farms, able to do the heavy work that has since fallen to their mechanical replacement, the tractor. Although far less common now, these heavy horses have re-emerged on the world stage thanks to the efforts of a few devoted breeders."
Title: Building with Logs & Log Cabin Construction
Author: USDA Forest Service and Michigan State College Extension Division
Publisher: Algrove Publishing, 2005
From the Publisher: "At one time or another, most of us have thought of chucking it all in and living a simple life in a cabin by a lake. The dream is pleasant, but reality soon rears its head and we move to Plan B, which is to determine if we can afford a part-time rustic retreat for battery recharging in between bouts of money earning."