Rain on a Distant Roof: A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada

By Vanessa Farnsworth

By 2020, it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of the population of eastern Canada will be living in regions that are endemic for Lyme disease and the numbers of infections are expected to soar.  Yet what remains unknown about this debilitating illness continues to trump what is known, placing the health of Canadians increasingly at risk. This groundbreaking book, a compelling mixture of biography and scientific discovery, is a must-read for anyone who spends time in nature or even their own backyard.

"Rain on a Distant Roof is a MUST-READ in an era where Lyme disease is so often misunderstood." ~ Marie Matheson, BSc., L.Ac., ND, Member of ILADS

"Farnsworth has written both a well-researched study of a frequently misunderstood disease, and a harrowing journal of a devastating illness and a disastrously unresponsive public health system." ~ Quentin Mills-Fenn, Style Manitoba

"Farnsworth combines a journalist’s tenacity with a writer’s sensibility, presenting her struggle with the disease but also with a health care system that too often leaves sufferers misdiagnosed and undersupported." ~ Charlene Diehl, Director, Winnipeg International Writers Festival


ISBN: 978-1927426-23-4 ($19.99)
eBook ISBN: 978-1927426-24-1 ($9.99)
Published by Signature Editions.

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